Friday, September 10, 2010

Starry Starry Night

Just returned from another trip in the back of a pick up, this time for a bonfire - who knows where. I still smell/stink (subjective to individual tastes) of campfire. I personally love it. The stars here, are, without a doubt, one of those most sights I've ever beheld in my life time. My neck hurts from having it craned for 4 hours. The milky way is crystal clear - its hard to see the black for all the white. The stars start thick at the horizon.

I saw shooting star after shooting star. I saw one cross the entire sky, leaving a thin streak of light for a few seconds after the light had passed beyond the trees, and gasped. I thought I had seen it all. Not five seconds later, (my fingers have been hovering over the keys for the past minute because I am having trouble describing what I saw...) the most beautiful, big, bold star streaked across the sky. All 10 of us dropped our jaws, pointed up. It went from direct north to south, its tail was thick, as thick as if you reached out your arm and put up a finger to the sky, it was as thick as that finger... midway through its path, it seemed to explode slightly, suddenly, its trail expanded at that point before continuing on its way, and so white, the trail remained for at least 6 or 7 seconds. I thought, I could get used to this.

In other news, Olena and I have really begun to paint the place... pictures soon to follow!

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