Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mini Series begins

A rooster.
Oil on canvas, 4" by 4".
A tree frog.
Oil on canvas, 4" by 4".

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Learning How to Paint with Oil

I've taked up art again, and am attending a few oil painting classes each week.  Here is one of my first projects.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Skiing Program, Winter Carnival and the Winter Road

I haven't forgotten about this bolg, but it seems that we've settled into our weekly routine and not much that is noteworthy has occurred since coming back to Fort Good Hope after the new year.  These past few weeks have held some excitment, however.

Scott and I completed a community coaching course, we are now certified to coach beginning cross country skiiers.  Through a grant for a large sum of money I recieved earlier in the school year, I was able to purchase 14 pairs of skis, boots and poles for the elementary students at Chief T'Selehye.  Scott, myself and a community volunteer have been going out with the kids every Monday and Wednesday this month, and its been a big hit.  We run out of skis each time.  I stay with the little ones (I'm afraid the grade 7s will find out how slow I really am!) but we've been having a good time showing them the basics that Scott and I have just mastered ourselves.  This afternoon we taught them how to climb small slopes, which the kids found challenging, but forgot all about it as they travelled down the downhill... and turned back around for a second go.  Its been pretty rewarding, not only for Scott and I, but for a few of my students in particular.  The weather has been absolutely fantastic, too.  The sun has been shining, no breeze what so ever, each time we've gone out.  Its been pretty fun.  Aparently the best time to ski here is in April - the days are longer and the temperature hovers just below 0.  Look'n forward to it.  Scott and I still go out on our own each weekend, we're discovering new trails all the time.  I actually had an interview with CBC radio based out of Yellowknife about the program, I talked a mile a minute out of nervousness, but its neat that our little project is getting some attention.  Hope it does some kids some good.

"Dead bugs" - learning how to get up!

Scott demonstrates.

This past Friday was also our school's winter carnival that I got up and running, I hope it can become an annual event.  Kids traveled around through different activities all afternoon, including outdoor parachute games, relays and a tug of war, snow related activities in the gym, hot chocolate and a craft.

We also got a great chance to visit Matt and Marie, our friends from university who introduced us to the north, in Coleville Lake.  The small town is about a 3 hours drive (highly dependant on weather and road conditions) north from Fort Good Hope on the winter road.  This was our first trek on the road - its a beautiful stretch!  Some parts are much more travel friendly than others, it made for a bumpy ride at parts, but as we travelled north we passed lakes, mountains, trees...

Its late here, Ill write more about our trip and visit later this week :)
love and miss you all.