Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Teacher Initiation

Only in Kash could teachers be "initiated" into the school community as we were this past Wednesday. 11 of us new teachers walked into the highschool gymansium a few nights ago for a "Meet the New Teachers" night. I was exhasted from a hard afternoon with the kiddies and honestly feeling a little intimidated by the whole idea of the evening. I wondered why the benches were set up in such a peculiar way - about 100 community members and parents were sitting against one wall, directly facing our own chairs on the other far side of the gym. "Very stage like," I thought. After a quick introduction from our principal, we were chauffered out of the gym and (actually) locked in the school kitchen for about 10 minutes, wondering "What (TF) is going on???"

We were called into the gym one by one (I volunteered to go second). When I entered the gym again I not only saw a lot more people had made their way into the gym to watch, but that in the middle of the gym where was a long table set up, cloaked in a paper table cloth with several overturned boxes lined up on top. The simple rules of the "game" were explained and I should have taken a big hint, it was too simple but being the feirce competitor that I am, I thought only of getting the fastest time. The whole game was to start at one end of the table, lift the box and yell out the name of the object underneath the box as fast as you could, before moving onto the next. Betsy stood at the far end of the table with a stopwatch, clipboard and pen at the ready.

Who knows if this link will work... but the video says it all.

For the record, I totally would have had the fastest time.

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