Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rice, Rice, more Rice, and a Seal

Just came in from a run. There is a dike built that surrounds the whole community that is 5 km around that I've been trying to run every day since I've been here - some days I am successful, sometimes not so much. Every morning this week a kid or two has come into class, "I saw you running! I saw you running!" Kids are hilarious that way - they think I don't actually live and breath in this community, I exist only in the portable, or fly in daily. Whenever I've seen a student of mine on the road they point, mouths dropped... I love kids for that.

Tonights dinner? Rice. Its been rice for 10 days now. You'd only eat rice, too, if you saw the prices here. When 6 oranges cost 12 dollars... it is little wonder my students eat junk during lunch and then fall asleep in math class. We (Olena and I) have ordered food from Timmins, a place/service called Zudel's which is a god-send. Simply email them a detailed list with your credit card information, and save probably at least a hundred bucks. I was wondering "what if" I had taken that job in Vietnam - would I be eating as much rice as I am now? Or more? ... oh, the thoughts that cross your mind here...

I saw a seal! (If you haven't already heard) and it was awesome. I was running around the dike, and it popped its big head from the water and I followed it upstream.

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