Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Norman Wells

Scott and I are in Norman Wells, NWT for the week. It is gorgous here, snuggled in a valley between two ranges. Its remarkably clean, the weather has been warm but breezy, and beautifully sunny. From the Mackenzie Mountain Hotel where we are staying we can enjoy the view of the beautiful Mackenzie River beyond that is the Mackenzie Mountain Range. There is lots of trees, mostly evergreens and brich. So far the sun has yet to beat me to bed - while it sets between 10 and 11, it is still light out around 12:30 at night... its so easy to loose track of time. We've been hanging out with Matt and Marie tonnes, its been really great to see them.

We are here for the Sahtu Divisional Conference - 3 days of professional development workshops that have for the most part been really great. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming... so far its been a really positive experience. On Thursday we fly up to Fort Good Hope, I'm looking forward to settling, checking out the school and our new community.

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