Saturday, January 22, 2011

its cold!

The temperature has dropped quickly this week - so much so that Friday was a half day because it was minus 42 and thus too cold for students to walk back to school from lunch. A native friend has warned, "It's not even February yet." I woke up early this morning (for a Saturday) to take the dog out and saw that the sun was rising quickly. I ran back inside to grab my camera and jogged to the top of the dike to snap a few photos. I was outside for a grand total of maybe 5 minutes, but in minus 50 degress, it took me an hour to warm up once back inside, and Ive spent the majority of the day on the couch, sick with fever. While I was sleeping this afternoon the dog managed to escape and is no where to be found - its cold outside and I'm hoping that the warmth and food found here will draw him back tomorrow morning... poor little guy.

January is passing pretty slowly, I look forward to mid-February as the teaching staff will be headed to Cochrane for the Great Moon Gathering, a 2-day professional development workshop with an emphasis on frist nation education. I get to see Scott again, too.


  1. Hope you find your puppy, what did you name him? Hope you are feeling better, Brenda

  2. i was thinking of you yesterday!! miss you my dear! xxo