Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Kashechewan

I got a job - a grade 3 teaching position in a small (read: small) northern community called Kashechewan, aka "Kash". I'm excited; I'm terrified. It will be an adventure - am I in over my head?

Any one who is close to me will know how much I've struggled this past 1/2 year with this path before me. This time two years ago, applying to teacher's college was such a natural choice - the right path - and it was. I excelled in my classes and in my placements, found my "artistic license" and although I had no social life with prep for school, work at the restaurant and coaching rowing in the early months/early mornings, its been the most fantastic year. A big one for me. I turned 25, am now engaged (smile), have a "real" job, might even get a dog!... Whoa.

After such a great year - with Scott and I on the same continent, and seeing more of my family than I have in the past 6 or 7 years - this is a hard move to make. I want to teach, though.

For family and friends (for my mom mainly!) I plan to use this blog to update those interested about my adventures in Grade 3. I also hope that it may service other young first-year teachers who are considering teaching in Northern Ontario - because I've found nothing yet on the topic.

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